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Social media are widely considered to be a valuable communication channel. Both agencies and brands are starting to use their potential and choose to promote those solutions that best meet the adopted goals. Greater awareness of the possibilities offered by social media is also a guarantee of their better use for image building, the involvement of the recipients and ultimately for increasing sales. Therefore, they cannot be ignored in the communication conducted by online shops with customers.


How can we take advantage of the opportunities offered by social media in online shops?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Tik Tok – each of these channels offer many opportunities to interact with e-consumers. Thanks to them it is possible to:

  • quickly reach the audience – an adequately maintained social media profile has a positive impact on raising brand awareness and increasing its recognition. It also increases the range of published messages through the possibility of sharing them with other people using a given social channel. In this way, it is possible to build an engaged community of fans around our brand. This is achieved through engaging and valuable content – posts, photos and videos;
  • collect valuable information – social media can also be used to collect useful information about the shopping preferences of people who visit our profiles and about consumer behaviour. Virtually every channel provides more or less advanced statistics. They provide us with information about the age, gender or location of our potential customers, as well as their most frequent hours of activity. This, in turn, allows us to better segment our customers and direct personalised messages to them;
  • encourage interaction – popular social media allow brands to include a call to action buttons in the site description and posts. These buttons make it easier for interested customers to go directly to the product card with one click, which translates into an increased conversion rate.

How to choose social media for an online shop?

Nowadays, we have many possibilities when it comes to choosing social media channels through which we can reach our customers with the offer of our online shop. However, to fully exploit the potential of social media, it is necessary to thoroughly analyse their specifics and to consider which channels will help us promote our business. Answering below questions will be helpful in this:

1. Who is your ideal customer?

Different target groups can be found on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Tik Tok. Depending on the platform chosen, different types of content and language of communication will be used. So, think about which of these platforms are used by customers who make purchases in your e-shop.

2. What is the purpose of your social media activities?

Social media supports the achievement of various goals. For example, Facebook is an excellent tool for selling and promoting products and services. Instagram will help you better present your products visually and make it easier to show a more “human” face of the brand. In contrast, with the help of YouTube, you will present your customers the practical application of your products and services.

3. What content will engage your audience?

Each social media channel is governed by different rules – including content. While on Facebook what counts is engaging content, for communication on YouTube, you have to invest in video preparation, on Instagram, you should focus primarily on aesthetic and visually coherent graphic materials.

Remember that the choice of communication channels in social media must always be adapted to the target group and the goals you want to achieve. Therefore, from the available platforms, choose those on which recipients potentially interested in the products of your online shop are active. Thanks to their commitment, information sharing and positive comments, you will reach a broader range of online shoppers with your offer.