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These rules constitute the rules for the provision of electronic services within the meaning of the Act on Provision of Electronic Services of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 144 items 1204) and set out the rules for the provision of services through the Website or the Service and other domains pointing to particular parts of the Service, as well as the Mobile Application.


  1. System Operator / Service Operator – Ecometrixo Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, Nakielska 3 Street, 01-106 Warsaw, entered into the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number KRS 0000860590 NIP 527-293-67-70;
  2. System – the website available on the Internet under the main address, allowing access to the Services;
  3. Website – the website located on the Internet under the main address, other website language versions and all its subpages;
  4. Mobile Application – version of the System made available by the System Operator as a Mobile Application on Google Play and Apple AppStore under the name Ecometrixo;
  5. Service – a service provided within the System;
  6. User – an entity having at least a limited legal capacity, visiting the Website or submitting an order specifying the terms of the Agreement, based on which the Parties shall be obliged to render services under this Agreement;
  7. Agreement – an agreement to provide Services continuously, settled cyclically in renewable Settlement Periods;
  8. Subscription – the fee paid by the User for the provision of Services by the System Operator in a given Settlement Period;
  9. Subscription Plan – a package of available functionalities within the system operator’s Services, selected by the User;
  10. Trial Period – a time-limited, free-of-charge period the User is entitled to become familiar with the System functionality, starting on the day of registration, creation of the account on the Website or gaining access to the System;
  11. Settlement Period – a period of one year or another period for settling the Services provided in subscription mode;
  12. Price List – currently valid Price List available on the website, which includes a list of available offered Services and their prices;
  13. Offer – individual price list proposal of the Services provided to the User by a Person authorised to represent the System Operator;
  14. Business Account – is assigned to the User representing Institution or Legal Entity, whose employees or collaborators exchange information within common relations;
  15. Private Account – is assigned to a User who is a natural person to whom the Users of Business Accounts may provide the Service;
  16. Regulation – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation);
  17. Confidential Information – all information and data that may come into the possession of the Operator of the Website due to the cooperation undertaken, which concern the User and their activity. In particular, the following constitutes Confidential Information: personal data, financial data, information concerning the solutions used, technical, technological, economic, financial, commercial and marketing data concerning a User, and other information provided by a User and covered by secrecy.

Conclusion of an agreement and the use of Service Trial period

§1 Creating a User Account in the Service
  1. To conclude the Service Agreement, the User must register in the Service.
  2. The User may create an account by using the registration function on the Website or by contacting the person appointed by the System Operator.
  3. By creating an account, the User accepts the Terms of Use.
  4. The moment of registration, consisting of entering by the User the e-mail address, password and pressing the “Register” button is considered by the Service Operator as acceptance by the User of the offer presented on the website and constitutes the moment of concluding the Service Agreement between the Parties, the content of which is regulated by these Terms of Use.
  5. User is obliged to provide a correct electronic mail address (e-mail) during registration, enabling sending them an activation link to the account.
  6. The user is obliged to verify the correctness of the electronic mail address (e-mail) provided during the registration process. In the absence of verification within 14 (in words: fourteen) days, counting from the day of registration, the Operator of the Service reserves the right to limit the account’s functionality until the correctness of the provided e-mail address is verified.
  7. Ecometrixo undertakes to treat confidentially any information, data or documents of a confidential nature provided to it by the online shop in connection with the Agreement and to use them solely to fulfil the provisions of the Agreement.
§2 Trial period
  1. After creating an account, the User may be granted 14-day access to selected functions of the Service to familiarise themselves with the functions offered in particular Subscription Plans of the Service. The User decides whether they want to use the free of charge form of access.
  2. The Subscription Plan active after creating an account is consistent with the User’s plan during registration and defined by the button redirecting to the registration form.
  3. After the end of the free Trial Period, the Service will inform the User about the principles of using the Service concerning the currently tested Subscription Plan in the account. The User will be informed about the possibility to make a subscription payment to keep the access to the full functionality of the account in the selected Subscription Plan or to change the Subscription Plan to another one.
§3 Type of User accounts in the System
  1. User – the System enables the User to administrate their profile as well as company and associated accounts, which are included in the Subscription parameters;
  2. Employee – is a type of associated user who operates within the data assigned to a business or private account profile.
§4 Change of Subscription Plan
  1. At any time, the User may change the Subscription Plan from the currently used one to another plan defined as higher.
  2. Limitation of account functionality may result in the lack of access to some of the data stored in the User’s account.
  3. The Service Provider is not responsible for possible data losses caused by changing the Subscription Plan from a higher to a lower one.
  4. In the event of a change specified in §4 points 2 by the User, causing exceeding the limits set in the Price List to continue access to the account functionality, the User is obliged to adjust the account to the limitations according to the Price List. The User may do so by deactivating the relevant elements in the Service. Until that time, the functionality of the account will be blocked.
§5 Paid Subscription Plan
  1. The User chooses the Subscription Plan, and the Service Operator, without the User’s decision to purchase a paid plan, will not charge them with any fees for using the Service.
  2. To purchase a paid Service offered by the Service Operator, the User selects the chosen Subscription option in their account and then decides whether to issue a VAT invoice for the provided Services. The User is obliged to provide correct data necessary for issuing a VAT invoice, including Tax Identification Number. The foreign User, possessing the European Tax Identification Number, is obliged to supplement their company data with this number.
  3. If a Service is chosen as a paid option, the User must pay the amount indicated on the payment form by payment card or bank transfer. The amount specified in the payment form is consistent with the amount stated in the Price List, but may be reduced by the amount of the discount due to the length of the paid Subscription and the amount of the discount due to occasional promotional actions conducted by the Service Operator or entities cooperating with it.
  4. A discount to which a User is entitled on account of the length of a paid Subscription can be combined only with one discount to which the User is allowed in connection with promotional actions conducted occasionally by the Service Operator or entities cooperating with them.
  5. Discounts to which a User is entitled due to separate occasional promotional campaigns conducted by the Service Operator or entities cooperating with it are not cumulative.
  6. A User may use a discount to which a User is entitled due to promotional campaigns conducted by the Service Operator and the entities cooperating with them by entering the discount code on the payment form. An unused discount shall not be transferred to payments made in subsequent Settlement Periods, and a User is not entitled to financial compensation or subscription prolongation for unused discount.
  7. The User, wishing to gain access to a function which is not present in the Subscription Plan purchased or used by the User, is obliged to change the Subscription Plan to a higher one, by the Price List.
  8. The Service will be available upon confirmation of crediting the funds to the Service Operator’s account. The User will receive automatic notification of Service activation together with a link to the invoice to the e-mail address assigned to their account.
  9. If the User has chosen a payment card as a means of payment, termination of the agreement is possible up to 14 (in words: fourteen) days before the end of the paid Settlement Period; otherwise, the service will be automatically extended for the next subscription period according to the currently used Subscription Plan.
  10. 14 (in words: fourteen) days before the expiry of the Settlement Period the Service sends to the User information concerning the possibility of preserving the full functionality of the currently used account. This message (with attached Proforma Invoice) constitutes an offer presented to the User by the Service Operator concerning the possibility of prolonging the present Service’s usage.
  11. Within the selected plan, the User may purchase a set of programming hours and commission customised functions complementing the provided Service from the Service Operator. The Service Operator reserves the right to reject proposed solutions if they do not meet the Service Operator’s intended purpose. Additionally, the Service Operator reserves the right to make available to all Service Users access to the functions ordered by the User in the programming hours package.
§6 Payments
  1. A VAT invoice shall be issued after the payment is made by the User, indicating the data specified by the User in the payment form when making the payment.
  2. In stating the incorrectness of data shown by the User as the purchaser used for issuing a VAT invoice, the User is obliged to provide the Service Provider with a correction note.
  3. Delivery of a VAT invoice sent to the User’s (account holder’s) e-mail address shall be deemed to be received by the User’s mail server of the message containing the VAT invoice.
  4. Any additional costs for services to third parties, particularly for the execution of payments, shall be borne by the User.
  5. The date of payment shall be the date on which the amount is credited to the Service Operator’s bank account.
  6. Removal of the system identification disclaimer is subject to an additional fee of 20% of the basic price of the selected Subscription Plan. If the disclaimer is not removed for a fee, it is treated as an integral part of the service. Removing the disclaimer is available only to selected System packages.
  7. The Service Operator reserves the right to amend the Price List.
§7 Duration of the Agreement and its termination
  1. The Agreement between the Service Operator and a User is concluded when creating an account in the Service and continues until its termination, also when the Subscription Plan is changed in the account without the need for separate declarations of intent by the Parties.
  2. The User may terminate the Agreement for the provision of Services in writing at any time without giving reasons.
  3. The Service Agreement may be terminated without notice by the Service Operator in the following cases:
    • the User has materially breached this Agreement;
    • the User has acted to the detriment of the Service Operator, other Service Users or the Internet;
    • the User has used the account in the Service inconsistently with its purpose and scope of functions, provided for in the chosen and paid Subscription Plan;
    • the User has acted unlawfully or has taken actions threatening data security on the Service.
  4. In situations described in §7 points 2, §7 points 3 and §12 points 7, the User is not entitled to a refund of the paid fee.
  5. Removal of an account in the Service may be done only by the User who is the account owner. To do that, the User must use the Service’s “Delete account” function. After using this feature, the account owner is required to confirm the decision to delete the account. After confirming the removal of the account, it will be deactivated for 7 (in words: seven) days. During this period, the use of the Service’s functions will be blocked; however, the account holder will have the option to restore the account’s functionality within 7 (in words: seven) days from the date of deactivation. To restore the account, the User must use the link sent to them by the Service Operator by email or use the “Restore account activity” function of the Service, visible after logging in to the account. During account deactivation, the User can log into the account using the current login and password. After a period of 7 (in words: seven) days, if the account owner does not use the possibility of restoring the account functionality, the account will be automatically deleted – without the chance of recovering the data assigned to the account.
  6. The Service Operator is not responsible for any data losses caused by deleting the account by the User.
§8 Mobile Application
  1. The Ecometrixo Mobile Application can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
  2. Use of the Mobile Application requires a mobile device with the Android or iOS operating system installed and access to the Internet. The minimum software version is available in the Application description on the shop’s website.
  3. Downloading the Application from the shops indicated in §8.1 of these Regulations is free of charge.
  4. The services provided through the Mobile Application consist in particular of:
    • access to products and product sheets registered in the System;
    • access to files, documents, tasks and requests;
    • the possibility of processing a request or a task from the level of a System User, Employee or Customer.
  5. The scope of access to functions offered by the Mobile Application may differ from the range of available features of the Service according to the applicable Price List in the User’s current Subscription Plan. To access the Service’s full functionality, corresponding to the Subscription Plan purchased by the User, the User must log in to their account on the Service from a web browser.
  6. The User within the Mobile Application may register by creating a new account or using an account previously started in the Service.
  7. The User Account available in the Service in the browser version and the Mobile Application is the same, and logging into it via the Mobile Application is done using the same login and password.
  8. The User may stop using the Mobile Application by uninstalling it, which does not entail the deletion of account data in the Service’s standard version.
  9. To delete an account in the Service, the User must follow the procedure described in §7 points 9 of these Regulations.
  10. The cost of data transmission required to download, launch and use the Mobile Application shall be borne by the User on their own, by the agreement they have concluded with external internet service providers.
  11. The Mobile Application is subject to the proprietary rights of the Service Operator. All graphic elements, logotypes, trademarks and interface layout presented in it are subject to legal protection.
  12. Users are obliged to use the Mobile Application in a manner consistent with these Terms and Conditions, the shops’ regulations from which it was downloaded and applicable law.
§9 Library
  1. The Ecometrixo system is equipped with an independent metric data collection module – the Library – which is fully copyrighted by the Service Operator.
  2. The library functions as a separate module of the system that processes metric data extracted from sources in integrations.
  3. The correct functioning of the Library depends on the proper configuration and the compatibility of the processed metrics with the assumptions of the algorithm.
  4. The library does not save user data, passwords or logins. All data is double encrypted and accessible only to the user.
  5. Ecometrixo does not save User data and does not pass it on to third parties.
  6. User data is protected and secured with double encryption. If an account is deleted, the entire profile is removed, and Ecometrixo does not retain any information.
  7. All user data in the library is treated as confidential, and only the user has access to it. Ecometrixo protects user data and does not pass it on to third parties.
  8. Ecometrixo does not pass on user data contained in the User Library anywhere.
  9. User data is protected by double encryption with no possibility of being accessed by external parties.
§10 Technical requirements

To ensure the Services’ proper operation, it is necessary for the User to have access to the Internet and install a web browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Edge with the recommendation that these browsers should be the latest stable versions.

§11 Service Updates
  1. Service updates are provided to the User free of charge.
  2. New features are made available by the Service Operator in all or selected Subscription Plans by the Service Operator.
  3. Updates to the Service may introduce changes to its functioning; the Service Operator informs the User about significant changes via e-mail, the newsletter or the Blog subpage, where new functionalities of the Service are described.
  4. It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that the documents issued and the Reports generated are correct at all times.
  5. The User can make suggestions for new updates and features by emailing
  6. Service updates will be implemented in accordance with the Service Operator’s intended use of the Service and its development plan.
§12 General obligations of the Parties
  1. The Service is available to Users 24 hours a day. The Service Operator reserves the right to short breaks resulting from periodic maintenance of the Service or caused by random events.
  2. The Service Operator undertakes to immediately repair any defects or failures preventing or hindering access to the Service. If the reported faults or failures are not fixed within more than 30 (in words: thirty) days, the User may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect.
  3. By using the Service, the User agrees to receive VAT invoices from the Service Operator electronically, pursuant to art. 106n par. 1 of the Act of 11 March 2004. (Dz. U. 2004 nr 54 poz. 535) on tax on goods and services.
  4. The Service Operator enables the User to send invoices in an electronic version. Users declare that they have received appropriate consent from their contractors to receive invoices electronically, within the meaning of Article 106n (1) of the Tax on Goods and Services Act of 11 March 2004.
  5. The User undertakes to use the Services in a manner that does not violate third-party rights (personal rights, copyrights), decency and law.
  6. The User is the owner of all content entered on the Website or the Site using the Service, for which the Service Operator bears no responsibility. The User shall assume any liability under the law relating to the publication of content by a Service User.
  7. In the event of receiving a notification of the illegal nature of the data submitted by a User in the Service, the Service Operator is entitled, according to Article 14 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic services, to prevent access to the User’s data. In such a case the User will be informed about the account blockade.
  8. The Service Operator reserves the right to delete selected content entered by a User on the Service or its subpages.
  9. The Service Operator is not responsible for damages resulting from:
    • interruptions in the delivery of the Service or inaccessibility of the Service independent of the Service Operator or resulting from events that the Service Operator could not foresee;
    • incorrect functioning of the Service not being the fault of the Service Operator, for example, telecommunication network errors;
    • access to the User account by unauthorised persons;
    • ignorance or non-observance of these Regulations by a User;
    • the dangers of using the network: hacking attacks, viruses infecting the system or similar events.
  10. The Service Operator’s total liability towards the User, in any case, is limited to the sum of the payments made during the last three years by the User to the Service Operator for the provision of services.

Provisions on entrusting data processing

§13 Entrusting data processing
  1. A User, being the administrator of the data entered into the Service from the “Entrusted Data” file, entrusts the Service Operator, according to the provisions of Article 28 of the Regulation, as the subject of the processing of personal data to the extent compatible with and selected by the User for this file, by the scope specified in §13 points 2 and under the principles and for the purpose specified in §13 points 3 of these Regulations.
  2. The data scope of the “Entrusted data” set includes data of the administrator’s contractors, being ordinary data, and in particular: First Name, Surname, Tax Identification Number or PESEL and the data of the administrator’s employees, which are standard data, in particular: E-mail address, First Name, Last Name, Function in the service, Assigned Company Department.
  3. Entrusting personal data processing under this Agreement is done only for the purpose and within the scope of implementing the Service.
  4. Processing of the entrusted personal data takes place on the side of the Service Operator using IT systems.
  5. The Service Operator processes the entrusted data during the period of providing the Service, i.e., creating an account in the Service until 30 (in words: thirty) days after deleting the User’s account in the Service. The thirty-day data processing period is connected with Service backups’ existence, thanks to which the Service Operator enables the maintenance of data integrity during Service provision. The period of data processing may be longer if Polish or EU law imposes such an obligation on the Service Operator.
  6. After the termination of Services related to the processing, at the controller’s discretion, Service Operator erases or returns all personal data and deletes all existing copies thereof, unless Polish or EU law requires retention of such personal data.
  7. The Service Operator undertakes, within its organisation, to process the entrusted data with particular care, by the Regulation and other generally applicable laws that protect the rights of data subjects, in particular through the application of appropriate technical and organisational measures that ensure the protection of personal data processing adequate to the risks related to the processing of personal data as referred to in Article 32 of the Regulation.
  8. The Service Operator undertakes to grant authorisations for personal data processing to all persons who will process entrusted data to execute this Agreement and to oblige them to maintain secrecy (as referred to in Art. 28 point 3 (b) of the Regulation) of the processed data both during their employment by Service Operator as well as after termination of their work.
  9. Taking into account, the nature of the processing, insofar as possible Service Operator will assist the User administering the data to the extent necessary, through appropriate technical and organisational measures, to comply with the obligation to respond to requests from the data subject in exercising their rights specified in Chapter III of the Regulation and, taking into account the nature of the processing and information available to them, will assist the Administrator in complying with the obligations specified in Articles 32-36 of the Regulation.
  10. Upon becoming aware of a personal data breach, the Service Operator shall without undue delay report the violation to the Administrator.
  11. According to Article 28. (3) (h) of the Regulation, the User who is the data administrator entrusted to the Service Operator has the right to control whether the Service Operator’s measures in the processing and security of the authorised personal data meet the provisions of the agreement. The right to inspect may be exercised during the working hours of the Service Operator, i.e., Monday – Friday between 9 am and 5 pm, excluding public holidays, with a minimum of seven days’ notice of the intention to inspect. In the course of the inspection, the Service Operator shall make available to the User administering the entrusted data all information necessary to prove compliance with the obligations specified in Article 28 of the Regulation.
  12. In case of identifying any infringements during the inspection, the Service Operator is obliged to remove them within the period indicated by the Administrator, not longer than 14 (in words: fourteen) days.
  13. The Data Administrator may terminate the present Agreement with immediate effect if the Service Operator, despite being obliged to remove the deficiencies identified during the audit, does not remove them within the specified deadline or processes the personal data in a manner incompatible with the present Regulations.
  14. The Service Operator entrusts personal data covered by this Agreement for further processing to external entities within the European Economic Area and, under Article 45 point. 1 of the Regulation, to entities in third countries or an international organisation, only if the Commission determines that the third country, territory or specific sector(s) within that third country or international organisation in question offer an adequate protection level. The data are entrusted only for the purpose and scope of implementing this Agreement, for which the Service Operator receives the Administrator’s consent.
  15. The Service Operator has signed a Personal Data Processing Entrustment Agreement with the entities indicated in §13 points 14 of these Regulations.
  16. The transfer of the entrusted data to a third country or an international organisation may only take place upon the administrator’s documented order unless the obligation to transfer is imposed on the Service Operator by Polish or EU law. In such a case, before the processing starts, the Service Operator shall inform the Administrator of this legal obligation, unless this law prohibits the provision of such information due to an essential public interest.
§14 Confidentiality
  1. Confidential Information shall remain so regardless of the manner of its transmission and recording on specific media, in particular on paper, microfilm, negatives and photographs, in digital form and on electromagnetic tape, as well as in the form of a diagram, drawing, picture, graphic, photograph, brochure, book, copy, extract, excerpt and translation of a document, a superfluous or defective printout, printout, film, matrix and an optical disk, carbon paper, ink tape, as well as on electronic data storage media marked “confidential”.
  2. The Service Operator and the User agree that in the event of execution of the Agreement and cooperation, the Confidential Information obtained by the Service Operator from the User will not be used for any other purpose, both during the execution of this Agreement and cooperation and after its termination in any mode.
  3. The Service Operator undertakes not to disclose Confidential Information to any third party.
  4. The Service Operator undertakes that it will not use Confidential Information for any purpose other than the operation of the application and the display of data to the User who owns it.
  5. The Service Operator and the User shall be exempt from keeping Confidential Information in secret if the obligation to disclose such information results from applicable laws. In any such case, they will be obliged to:
    • immediately inform the other Party of the obligation to disclose the Confidential Information or of the disclosure made, indicating the extent of the exposure and the person or persons for whose benefit the disclosure is to be made or has been made
    • disclose only the necessary portion of the Confidential Information,
    • take all possible steps to ensure that the Confidential Information disclosed is treated confidentially and is used only for the purposes warranted by the disclosure.
  6. The obligation of confidentiality shall continue for 3 (three) years after termination of the services of the Service Operator.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

§15 The scope of data and the moment of its collection
  1. When registering and creating an account in the Service, the User is asked to provide data. The data provided during registration are data concerning the operation of an account in the Service, i.e., the User’s email address, login (generated based on the User’s email address) and password. The following data may be entered voluntarily:
    • Company name;
    • First name;
    • Surname;
    • Tax identification number or PESEL.
  2. The Service Operator uses additional data that may be provided by the User or the User’s device to provide comprehensive services and guarantee access to the offered functions of the Service within the browser and Mobile Application.
  3. The Service Operator processes data collected during the User’s device’s interaction with the browser, which data are described in §20 Cookies Policy and pixel tags.
  4. The time of processing of User and account data by the Service Operator is not longer than required to ensure the correct provision of the Service, i.e., from the moment of creating an account in the Service to 30 (in words: thirty) days after deleting the User’s account in the Service. The thirty-day data processing period is connected with Service backups’ existence, thanks to which the Service Operator enables the maintenance of data integrity during Service provision. The period of data processing may be longer if Polish or EU law imposes such an obligation on the Service Operator.
  5. When creating an account and using the Website or Service, the Service Operator informs Users about data collection and use. Where required, the User is asked to consent to the indicated activities of the Service Operator.
§16 Purpose of data processing
  1. Data collected by the Service Operator during the use of the Website, the Service or the Mobile Application are processed for the scope and purposes set out below:
    • Service provision – User data shall be processed to ensure the Service’s proper functioning, for billing for the Subscription and sending documents, verification links, messages authorizing access to the Service and system notifications.
    • Contact with the customer service and technical support – User data shall be used to communicate with the customer and provide them with technical support. During customer service and provision of technical support, the Service Operator may use access to any data located in the Settings tab, among others: account settings data, business and department data selected Subscription Plan, Settlement Period, as well as invoices issued by the Service Operator to a User, payments, information about the browser, integrations, API token, User activities, User account data or data about affiliate programmes.
    • Invoicing and accounting of transactions and business operations – User data will be used to issue an invoice for the purchased Service. The data will be processed to archive documents for a period consistent with Polish and EU law provisions, including the Regulation. The data will be appropriately stored and protected against unauthorised changes, unauthorised dissemination, damage or destruction. The data may be used for audit functions and other internal needs, such as diagnosing technical problems and administration of the Website and Mobile Application.
    • Sending information on the Service and commercial information and other purposes connected with promotion – User data will be used for sending information on the Service: introduced new functions and integrations of the Service, information on changes in the law, system changes and for sending commercial information, informing User on current discounts and promotional actions in the Service and also informing about solutions of entities cooperating with the Service Operator. The Service Operator may use the data in their possession to personalise communication on services which may be of interest to a User. A User has all the rights concerning their data specified in the Regulation. To exercise their rights, a User should contact the Service Operator using the contact details set in §18 or §19 of these Regulations. In cases where the Service Operator is required by law to obtain consent to send correspondence, the User will be asked to opt-in for the sending of marketing materials.
    • Ensuring the safety of the Website, Service and Mobile Application Users and protection of the rights, property and ownership of the Service Operator – data on the manner of use of the Website, Service or Mobile Application may be used by the Service Operator to prevent and detect fraud, abuse, violation of the law and the provisions of the regulations, as well as to respond to requests directed to the Service Operator by authorised state authorities and for compliance of the Service Operator’s operations with the applicable provisions of law.
    • Creation of statistics and development of the Service – the Service Operator uses data concerning the manner of use of the Website, Service or Mobile Application by Users to understand their behaviour and preferences better. Based on this data, the Service Operator creates statistics and tries to understand what kind of service presentation will be satisfying and attractive for the User.
    • Enabling use of integration with other systems – the Service Operator processes to access data for applications integrated with the Service to transfer information (e.g., content of documents in the case of integration with the CRM system, payment amounts in the case of integration of Online Payments, etc.) to these applications according to the principles of operation of the integration launched by the User.
    • Other purposes – The Service Operator may use the Users’ personal data differently, of which the User will be informed each time. If the applicable law requires the Service Operator to have additional consent for data processing, the Service Operator will ask the User to give it.
  2. To secure the processed data, the Service Operator applies organisational and technical measures compliant with the Polish and EU law provisions, including the Regulation and encrypted connections via SSL protocol.
§17 Blog

Comments added by a User on the blog and in the knowledge base can be added anonymously or be made private. The Service Operator leaves it up to the User to publicly publish the signature and the comment’s content.

§18 Contact with the Administrator

Ecometrixo Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw

Nakielska 3

01-106 Warsaw


§19 Contact with the Data Protection Officer

Ecometrixo Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw

Nakielska 3

01-106 Warsaw


§20 Cookies and pixel tags policy
  1. The use of the Website or the Mobile Application of the Service requires the User’s acceptance of this Cookies and Pixel Tags Policy as well as the placement of so-called Cookies – i.e., small text files with information used by websites connecting to the User’s browser – on the side of the User’s browser. When using the Website, Service or Mobile Application, the Service Operator collects from Users’ browsers and saves information which may contain personal data. The Service Operator obtains this information using cookies and pixel tags.
  2. Period of cookies activity:
    • Temporary files – these are files which are automatically deleted after the specified expiry date.
    • Permanent files – these are files that are active in the User’s browser until they are deleted by the User, which can be done by the User at any time.
  3. The User is entitled to use the options offered by each browser to view, delete, and restrict and control the acceptance of cookies. For more information, you can consult the help of the privacy/security settings of the browser you are using. However, deleting cookies may affect the proper functioning of the Service and its functionality.
  4. Third parties may also use cookies and pixel tags (e.g., Google, Facebook) to provide their content or advertising on websites or portals based on the records from these cookies and pixel tags.
  5. The Service Operator uses the following types of cookies transmitted by the User’s device:
    • technical – necessary for the proper functioning of the Service, i.e., temporary files storing user session and enabling operation and improvement of the functioning of the Service;
    • external – placed by external services used by the Service Operator, on which the Service Operator has no influence (e.g., social networking sites);
    • statistical – files enabling conducting Service statistics;
    • advertising files – in the event of conducting advertising campaigns, to adjust the advertisement to the user and remember their settings.

Final provisions

§21 Complaint procedure

Complaints concerning the operation of the Service should be submitted by e-mail to: or by post to the following address Ecometrixo Sp. z o. o., 3 Nakielska Street, 01-106 Warsaw, Poland.

The time limit for handling complaints is 14 (in words: fourteen) days from the day of receipt of a complaint by the Service Operator.

§22 Settlement of potential disputes

A User has the right to use the out-of-court possibility to resolve disputes electronically through the ODR European Union online platform (, enabling submission of complaints and vindication of claims, related to the Agreement concluded with the Service Provider. The platform is a comprehensive service point for consumers and entrepreneurs seeking an out-of-court settlement of a dispute concerning contractual obligations arising from an online sales agreement or service agreement.

Any disputes that may arise during this Agreement’s performance shall be settled by the Service Operator amicably, and in case of lack of amicable solution, they shall be settled by a court having jurisdiction over the seat of the Service Operator.

§23 Change of Regulations

The Service Operator reserves the right to change these Regulations. The Service Operator will inform Users of any change to the Regulations.

The provisions of these Regulations come into force on 1.12.2020 and replace all previous written or oral arrangements, understandings, agreements and contracts in the field of personal data processing between the Service Operator and the User, which lose their legal force.

§24 Data Processor

The entity responsible for the processing of personal data:

Ecometrixo Sp. z o. o. with its registered office in Warsaw

Nakielska 3

01-106 Warsaw