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Everyone who runs their own business wonders how to attract customers and encourage them to buy. These issues also apply to online shop owners. Due to the growing competition and the increasing demands and expectations placed by customers, it is worthwhile to approach this subject reliably. Properly planned actions, specific goals and selected ways of measuring their achievement are the keys to success. So what can you do to attract customers to your online shop?


What do e-consumers want?

Although they have different motives when making purchases, e-consumers are in agreement on specific points. These are the conclusions of the UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper study, which was commissioned by UPS. Depending on the region, shoppers have different preferences for the equipment they use when placing their orders. For example, in the United States, Europe, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, consumers are more likely to choose desktops and laptops, and in Asia, they prefer to shop on a smartphone. More than 90% of users look for product information online before they complete a transaction, and younger generations also rely on the opinions of others.

According to the study, e-consumers also look for information on product prices, available discounts, delivery options (speed and cost), as well as product details and the possibility of buying replacements. Interestingly, e-consumers are also becoming increasingly open to loyalty programmes. Among the reasons indicated for using them, the respondents mentioned:

  • free delivery,
  • discounts only for participants,
  • the possibility to collect points and exchange them for prizes.

What conclusions have the researchers come to on the delivery methods? As it turns out, online shoppers value the option of next day delivery but can consider a more extended period for shipping in exchange for a lower cost. Respondents also admitted that the simple return and exchange procedure affects their purchasing experience. So what conclusions can be drawn from the above data to ensure the satisfaction of shoppers in our online shop?

How to encourage customers to buy online?

1. Adapt your e-commerce to different types of devices

The shopping path of customers can be complicated. On their way to work, they browse through e-shop offers on smartphones to place an order in the evening from their laptop or desktop. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that our online shop is responsive – that is, adapted to browsing and easy search for products on any device.

2. Take care of transparency

Today’s e-consumers are very demanding. You have only a few seconds to attract their attention. Therefore, as soon as they enter your e-shop, they should quickly find the information they are looking for. Their level of satisfaction will increase if you take care of reliable product descriptions, good quality photos, information about delivery conditions and costs and provide other customers with opinions about shopping in your e-commerce.

3. Communicate through different channels

The more paths lead to your e-shop, the greater the chance that more and more people will visit your website. So make sure your brand is present in social media, send customers a newsletter, regularly publish information on the company blog. Also, make sure that you diversify your content and adapt it to your customers’ shopping experience.

4. Create a loyalty programme and remember about promotions

The added value, apart from the quality of products or services provided, is also efficient customer service and creating an atmosphere in which they feel individually “looked after”. So prepare a promotional plan tailored to market trends and industry opportunities, reward loyal customers involved in building the image of your brand. This way, you will not only win loyal, returning customers but also ensure that they will positively evaluate your efforts and share their opinion with others.

5. Remember to personalise

Competition in the e-commerce sector is continuously increasing. That is why it is so important to find your USP (unique selling proposition) that will make your brand stand out. If you take care to personalise your offers and communicate with your customers, you will undoubtedly be one step ahead. Dynamic content, cross-selling and up-selling, as well as information that is available in analytical tools, will also help you. With Ecometrixo, you can easily create customer segments and customise personalised messages for each group.

Remember that attracting customers to an online shop is a process. It requires time, appropriate workload, consistency and ongoing monitoring of key KPIs for your business.