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About us

Our mission is to help clients in quick data analysis by monitoring key e-business indicators

All in one place

Analysing your online shop performance is a key element of development and making further business decisions. The number of sources for collecting and presenting KPIs is huge. With our tool, you can gather all these data in one place, in the form of clear tables and charts.

Ecometrixo is a dashboard that collects data from advertising sources in real time, which are converted into the most important KPIs, such as conversion, traffic, ROI and many more.

Why is it worth analysing KPIs?

Every company generates a vast amount of data every day. Thanks to their analysis, it is possible to extract valuable information that helps in making business decisions. Verification of several key indicators gives us an insight into the condition of the company and allows us to refine our strategy better. KPI analysis is an expensive and time-consuming procedure that requires the work of a specialist, so it is worth choosing a solution that will do it for you.

What possibilities does the Ecometrixo dashboard give you?


collecting data from all advertising sources in one place,


analysing crucial e-shop’s KPIs, expenses and revenues in real time,


automatically generating data in the form of readable charts and tables,


sending the performance reports every day, week, month or quarter,


personalising the dashboard by adding your own costs, setting goals and adjusting the view to your preferences.

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We will help you find the best solution

Our team

The Ecometrixo team consists of people with passion and experience in the e-commerce industry, whose priority is to develop and expand the group of satisfied customers. We want to share our knowledge so we have created a blog where you can find the most important information in the field of e-commerce as well as industry news and curiosities.


At Ecometrixo, we provide an informal and friendly atmosphere that helps in completing everyday tasks. We try to make everyone feel at home and encourage them to share their ideas and observations without hesitation.

Communication based on trust, mutual support and respect – these are some of our core values. We approach each employee individually and provide a wide range of development possibilities. Do you want your ideas to be noticed and have a real impact on the company you work for?